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If you operate a HVAC heating and cooling service, residential, commercial, or both, we can drive traffic and new clients to your business. The vast majority of your spend will go to direct ad purchasing.

What are HVAC Pay Per Click Rates?

To make the Google Ad Search list below, there needs to be at least 50,000 searches monthly for the keyword phrase on Google. When we create managed pay per click campaigns for HVAC companies, we use many long tail keyword phrases with less than 50,000 searches to obtain the lowest cost per click possible and increase our client’s return on investment. But these major 50K plus HVAC keyword search phrases will give you an idea on today’s pay per click rates for the heating and cooling industry. If there is a HVAC service not listed here, it is because the term is searched for less than 50,000 times a month. Contact us if you’d like a tailored report with a specific budget for your specific HVAC practice. Chat with the bot on this site or schedule a call.

We are often able to obtain clicks for less than what we’ve recorded from Google reports here, depending on your location.

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Popular HVAC Keyword PhraseMonthly Click VolumeHVAC Business TypeTargeting RecommendedExpected Business ImpactEstimated Cost Per Click. Year 2023
AC Repair315,000RepairSearch Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$12
HVAC246,000GeneralSearch, Display, YouTube, Native, RetargetingMedium, Research Phase.25 to $7
HVAC Near Me185,000General Search Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$12
Duct Cleaning170,000CleaningSearch Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$5
Heat Pump90,000GeneralSearch, Display, YouTube, Native, RetargetingMedium, Research Phase.25 to $4
Furnace Repair74,000RepairSearch Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$7
Heating and Cooling Near Me60,000Repair or InstallSearch Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$8
AC Install 50,000InstallSearch Only, 5-10 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$6
“Your city, suburb, or town name + HVAC services”ThousandsAll of the aboveSearch Only, 5-20 Mile RadiusHigh, Immediate$1 to $12 depending on area. Contact us to find out.